Paul holds well-balanced and focused qualifications

Practitioner Qualifications

He completed his Diploma in Massage under Simon Schot of Mapleton in 1977; and an NTA accredited Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2007.

His soft tissue specialist qualifications are: holds a Diploma in Orthopractics, a soft-tissue therapy to help mobilize foot-joints, and soft and deep connective tissue.

A unique remedial massage clinic has been making itself known on the Sunshine Coast! If you’re looking for more than your ordinary massage therapist, Paul Camac is a qualified orthopractic therapist, trainer and remedial masseur of some 30 years experience, and is known as "the therapist's therapist" Many of his clients are health professionals, medicos and sports champions who recognise the need of treating their typical occupational stresses with more than basic massage.

He is a registered provider with more than 25 health funds, and treats doctor’s referrals for insurance cases, Veteran’s Affairs, and Worker’s Compensation.

What specialities make the Camac Clinic different?
  • Remedial massage
  • Orthopractics®
  • The clinic specializes in treating the difficult conditions most others leave alone. A perfect complement to or preparation for skeletal manipulation or chiropractic treatment!
  • A truly professional clinic! It’s plain to see why the clinic has a long list of satisfied repeat clients experiencing relief from pain and renewed vigour. The clinic gives you the best in facilities - comfortable electric Athlegen massage tables, beautiful music, air-conditioned warmth, hot paks, spritz, and soothing aromatherapy, all in a high-quality ambience of professional care.
  • Rebate receipts for clients covered by private health funds for remedial massage.
  • Discount six-paks For clients who think pro-actively and choose to maintain instead of waiting for pain, a “six-pak” treatment approach saves $$ on each treatment.

½ Hour - $55


½ Hour - $55

1 Hour - $110

1 ½ Hours - $165

HOURS: Monday to Saturday – 8am to 8pm